Chris Christie Blasts His GOP 2024 Rivals for Saying They’d Back Trump Even if He Were a Convicted Felon: ‘Most Amazing Part of the Debate’


Chris Christie kept up the attack on his 2024 Republican primary rivals by slamming their collective pledge to support Donald Trump if the former president winds up being the GOP’s nominee again.

The former New Jersey governor returned to This Week on Sunday — where he spoke with Martha Raddatz, who asked for Christie’s self-review on his debate performance last week. As Christie stood by his showing in Milwaukee, he once again cast his ire on those who said they’d fall in line behind Trump if he’s nominated in 2024, even if he’s convicted on the four indictments that have been raised against Trump.

The truth is that we can’t have a convicted felon as our nominee for president and expect we’re going to win, and it was really the most amazing part of the debate, to me, was the idea that the majority of my competitors believe that you can have a convicted felon as our nominee for president, and that they support that and that he could win.

I think that’s an impossibility, and I think what it will mean for folks across the country is four more years of Joe Biden, and for Republican primary voters, they have to think about what that will mean. Potentially a packed Supreme Court, potentially the elimination of the filibuster, and a lot more. So what’s at stake here is we need to nominate someone that’s proven, that can beat Democratic incumbents and I was the only one on that stage that’s ever done that, and I’ll beat Joe Biden if I get the nomination.

Even though Trump surrendered to arrest in Georgia last week for alleged schemes to overturn the 2020 election results, Raddatz asked Christie what he thinks of those who “don’t seem to care” about Trump’s legal problems. She made this point by saying the problems with Trump might be “canceled out” among the public because of Hunter Biden’s issues.

Christie’s answer:

Well, look. Hunter Biden’s not on the ballot, and you know that I predicted weeks before the Hunter Biden plea would be rejected because it was a completely one-sided plea deal in favor of Hunter Biden. Now he’s going to face the same type of trial that Donald Trump’s going to face.

And here’s the interesting part: Some of those voters who say the Hunter Biden thing matters, but Donald Trump’s doesn’t. That’s just wishful thinking.

The fact is that the two people who would be on the ballot if we nominated are Donald Trump will be Donald Trump and Joe Biden, not Hunter Biden. And the fact is it’s the conduct of the people who are running for office that’s going to matter the most. we may find out more about President Biden in the months to come, but the fact is right now, Donald Trump is out on bail in four different jurisdictions in this country. If they don’t think that’s going to be the main thing, they don’t get how politics works.

Watch above via ABC.

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