Cuomo Battles Corey Stewart Over Claim ‘CNN Tried to Exploit’ Heather Heyer’s Death


Chris Cuomo spoke with Corey Stewart on CNN this morning…and the interview became an instant trainwreck of shouting and arguments about who was to blame for the violence of Charlottesville.

Cuomo started things off by asking Stewart about the news that Heather Heyer‘s mother has no interest in speaking with President Trump after he seemed to equate white supremacists with their counter-protesters. Stewart, a U.S. Senate candidate who served as the Trump 2016 campaign’s Virginia chairman, said Heyer’s death was a tragedy, but went on to say:

“What is even more tragic though is CNN tried to exploit that woman’s death to say all this violence was caused by the far right when you know darn well that there was a violence by both sides and a radical left wing organization which you and other liberals have refused to condemn.”

The two of them proceeded to spar about whether Heyer’s murderer is a terrorist, and whether Democrats and the media do enough to call out left-wing violence. Cuomo asked Stewart why he would not want Heyer’s murder labelled terrorism, which prompted Stewart to accuse Cuomo of “defending violent lefties like Antifa.”

Stewart later accused Cuomo of never condemning the recent shooting of Steve Scalise, and “the blood is gonna be on your hands.” Cuomo dismissed Stewarts remarks as “a clever defense when you have nothing valuable to say,” which again prompted the latter to question whether Cuomo ever called the Congressional Baseball shooting an act of terror.

The meltdown eventually returned to Charlottesville, where Cuomo and Stewart continued to fight about how whether Stewart is an “apologist” for President Trump‘s remarks blaming “both sides” for the race-fueled mayhem last weekend.

Here’s a brief sample of the insanity:

Cuomo: I think it’s a window in to what you want to be true. You don’t know any knowledge of the facts on the ground.

Stewart: Neither do you…

Cuomo: About who started violence. I know a heck of a lot more than you do I guarantee that I’ll prove it right now.

Stewart: Oh really? Did you condemn the violence by the left? In Charlottesville?

Cuomo eventually accused Stewart of ignoring the difference in motivation between white supremacists and the counter-protesters who stood up against them. When Cuomo brought up how this “analogous argument” has drawn praise from Jason Kessler, David Duke and the far-right, Stewart once again accused him of exploiting Heyer’s death.

As Stewart tossed out more accusations about how one-sided CNN is, the debate moved to tearing down Confederate monuments, and the difference between the intentions of spreading hate and standing against bigotry.

When the interview finally concluded, Cuomo turned to Poppy Harlow after she said, “there’s a lot to unpack there.” Cuomo said Stewart was free to make his argument he made, but it’s “dangerous” to disregard the difference in motivation between the groups involved in Charlottesville.

Watch above, via CNN…Seriously, do it. It’s memorable.

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