Chris Cuomo Breaks Down Laughing After Speculating About Trump’s Marital Woes

Chris Cuomo couldn’t help but pull a “Thanks, Captain Obvious” on New Day this morning when he pointed out that clues to trouble in paradise between Donald and Melania Trump‘s marriage may not be too difficult to decipher.

“I think mysterious is the right word to describe how [Melania]’s feeling through all of this,” Alisyn Camerota said to CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett. “She’s also done little to dispel the stories,” the New Day host added, referring to negative reports about the marriage.

“She has been quiet, but she’s done certain things like driving separately up to the State of the Union address and even the other day taking a separate motorcade to meet the president at the plane after another salacious headline broke,” Bennett responded. “Her office says that these are logistical and scheduling issues but one cannot help but wonder what might be going on behind the scenes.”

While Bennett spoke, Cuomo could be heard giggling uncontrollably. When Bennett wrapped up, Camerota turned to him and said: “Can I help you with something?”

“Kate, it’s good reporting, thank you very much,” Cuomo said, trying to contain himself. “We’re lookin’ for clues…” and then slapped Camerota’s hand in a throwback to Melania doing the same to Trump on a visit to Israel.

“When she slapped his hand? Was that a clue? When she goes like this?” Camerota said, swatting him back. Cuomo cracked up.

“Whatever happens with them, happens. You know, that’s their personal business,” Cuomo said through laughter. “But we don’t have to hunt for clues.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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