Rolling Stone Writer Who Backs ‘Full Communism’ Defends Piece on MSNBC

Rolling Stone columnist Jesse Myerson became embroiled in controversy after he published a piece in which he advised millennials on the type of economic reforms for which he thought they should be fighting. Among those reforms were universal income, the forcible seizure of private property, the elimination of the concept of ownership, and state banks.

Conservatives bristled at the Marxism that Myerson was advocating and, on Tuesday, MSNBC host Chris Hayes invited the columnist on his program to investigate why this post met with such a backlash.

“Hoarders blow,” Myerson wrote in an effort to convince the youngest generation to eliminate private ownership. “Ever noticed how much landlords blow? They don’t really do anything to earn their money,” he added in a push to persuade the young to accept the ceding of all land to the state.

Joining Hayes, Myerson identified himself as a “far leftist” and said that his primary occupation is to “troll liberals” with intentionally provocative material designed to inspire anger and frustration among his more moderate political allies.

“The right-wing basically has never heard of me until this twit named Charles Cooke from the National Review tweeted out this article,” Myerson explained.

“Once that membrane was punctured, all of the bigoted, and hateful, violent muck and filth just doo-dooed all over my ‘at’ mentions,” he continued.

At this stage, Hayes began to dissect why concepts expressed in Myerson’s piece “drove people nuts.” He acknowledged that some of Myerson’s ideas were “discredited” doctrinal Marxism, but said there was more to why Myerson experienced such a backlash from the right.

“I think there was just like, there’s nothing the right loves more than a good fight against communists and they don’t get them that often, and here you are,” Hayes submitted.

Myerson said that the backlash focused entirely on his political beliefs and identity and not the ideas he expressed in that post.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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