Chris Hayes Gives Backhanded Compliment to Fox News Rival: ‘Tucker is Very Good at What He Does’


MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes threw some shade at Fox News rival Tucker Carlson in a new interview, giving him a backhanded compliment about how he’s good at selling a product.

Speaking with The Daily Beast, Hayes said “Tucker is very good at what he does. The product he sells, he’s good at moving that product. And he’s sold a bunch of different things throughout his career and sold all of them relatively well.”

“They’ve been different things, he’s changed a lot over time,” the host of All In with Chris Hayes said. Carlson was once a personality on MSNBC, where he hosted his own show. Now Carlson and Hayes face off in competitive time slot of 8 p.m. weekday nights.

Hayes was also asked to “describe the product” Carlson was selling now.

“Essentially a form of laundered, somewhat highbrow Trumpism,” Hayes said. “Tucker’s a lot of things but he’s not a dummy. So I think he works very hard to take Trumpism and make it into something more coherent than it really is. Although, I will say that he’s apparently been one of the people talking the president out of starting a new war, which is probably good. If it comes down to that then you sort of take what you can get.”

Earlier this year, Carlson dedicated part of his monologue to mock Hayes for being concerned about climate change and wearing glasses. Hayes later responded on Instagram by mocking Carlson with a video of him working out.

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