Chris Hayes Rips Trump Briefings: Networks Keep Carrying This ‘Pathological Narcissistic Propaganda Show’


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes went off on President Donald Trump’s coronavirus briefings as a “pathological narcissistic propaganda show,” making a point again of noting that networks are continuing to cover them.

Hayes recalled how Trump “wanted to wish it away… tried happy talk and spin” before turning his attention to “finding some magic pill, some bolt from the blue cure to make everything go away and make the economy come back and get Donald Trump reelected.”

He brought up how the president talked up hydroxychloroquine and the news this week about Dr. Rick Bright alleging he was transferred from his position because of his pushback against the unproven drug.

But, he continued, “the president has not given up on the idea of some magical solution because he is incapable of thinking about this as a long-term battle that requires strategy and care and competence and expertise. Nope. He still wants the magic bullet to save him and his reelection.”

On Thursday, the president made comments about the use of disinfectant that he claimed today was sarcasm — an excuse even anchors on Fox News weren’t quite believing.

“That’s insane, it sounds insane, but he’s the president. That’s the guy running the country. People listen,” Hayes said. “We’re heading towards a million cases. We’re on our way to that. 26 million people have lost their jobs. And day after day after day we’re seeing there’s no real plan. There’s no plan or solutions coming from the White House. Instead, there is every night carried on this network and others a two-hour pathological narcissistic propaganda show in which the president feels some fleeting sense of satisfaction because people are watching him. And then he goes back to watching more TV.”

Last month Hayes said “it seems crazy to me” that networks are still taking the briefings live.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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