CNBC’s John Harwood Concerned About Trump’s ‘State of Mind’ After Presser: ‘He Did Not Look Well’


President Trump‘s press conference this morning at the G-7 summit was so stunning to the panel on MSNBC’s AM Joy that they wondered if the President is well.

Trump today stood by his call to reinstate Russia in the G-7, blamed Barack Obama for the annexation of Crimea, and he also got in a few shots at the “fake news,” CNN in particular.

Joy Reid brought up the tariff discussion before CNBC’s John Harwood brought things to Trump’s state of mind:

“I’ll be honest, as a citizen, I’m concerned about the President’s state of mind. He did not look well to me in that press conference. He was not speaking logically or rationally. It sounded as if he was making stuff us, saying, you know, China told me nobody’s ever talked to us or saying, ‘Oh, you know, I talked to Justin Trudeau,’ and he can’t believe he was getting away with so much trade stuff. I don’t think those things are true. There was something about his affect which was oddly kind of languid from him. I don’t know what it means, but he did not look well to me.”

MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance agreed, saying, “I think Steve Schmidt said this the other day, that Donald Trump comes off like a moron… I think he came off like an idiot today. I was almost shocked at the way that he spoke with utter contempt of every president that preceded him.”

He found the president to be very narcissistic today and argued, “This man wouldn’t qualify for the nuclear weapons control system to allow him to be anywhere near the nuclear control… keys or even guarding them.”

“He came off like Mad King Donald,” he added.

Mother Jones DC bureau chief David Corn weighed in along the same lines, telling Reid, “If you were talking to me this morning the way we just heard Donald Trump talk, I would ask you if you’d taken any medication, advise you not to operate any heavy machinery.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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