CNN Commentator Swipes at Toobin: Puerto Rico is Not Case of Trump ‘Ignoring People of Color’


Pro-Trump CNN commentator Steve Cortes took a swipe at Jeffrey Toobin on Wednesday night after the CNN legal analyst suggested the people of Puerto Rico don’t count as much to President Donald Trump because “they’re not white people.”

“Isn’t the story that these people who died – apparently thousands of them in Puerto Rico, 3,000 as you point out – they’re not white people, and they don’t count to Donald Trump as much as the deaths of white people,” Toobin said on CNN Wednesday morning.

In response, Cortes called the statement “very careless” and “ridiculous.”

“Our colleague Jeffrey Toobin made a very careless statement, a ridiculous statement frankly when he said they didn’t respond because it wasn’t white people on the island of Puerto Rico,” Cortes began during a panel on Chris Cuomo‘s show.

He continued on by pointing out that Houston has a lot of people of color too.

“I’m glad you mentioned Hurricane Harvey in Texas because Houston, Texas, is perhaps the most diverse metro area in America. Houston, in fact, the metro area, has more people of color than the entire island of Puerto Rico,” he said. “And yet the disaster response in Houston, Texas, has been uniformly praised from the federal government and the state government.”

He then said this: “So it’s clearly not a case of the president ignoring people of color, ignoring black and brown people in need.”

“The difference is Texas is a prosperous place with largely good government and is not an island,” Cortes opined. “All three are the opposite in Puerto Rico, which made the situation there much, much more dire. But to affix this to racism as the left so often does, it reaches its conclusion first that the president is a racist and then it tries to come up with the reasons why is really an insult. It’s an insult to first responders, it’s an insult to the president.”

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