CNN Explodes When Racist Lawyer Is Compared to Trump: ‘These Are Everyday Bigots’


On Thursday night, Don Lemon conducted a wild panel discussion about the racist lawyer that went viral and President Trump.

Manhattan attorney Aaron Schlossberg blew up on social media after a video of him going on a racist tirade against restaurant employees who were speaking Spanish.

Well, while discussing Scholossberg, the president was inevitably mentioned.

Pro-Trump commentator Steve Cortes attempted to separate Scholossberg and Trump by asking the rest of the panel “by their logic” if it was Bernie Sanders‘ fault after one his supporters shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) last year.

Lemon chimed in by saying Sanders and his supporters “condemned” the attack and accused Cortes of “making excuses.”

Tara Setmayer then flat-out asked Cortes, “Has Trump ever said anything bigoted?” Cortes pushed back, saying Schlossberg “does not represent” the president nor his movement.

The CNN host then asked Cortes if he thought that Trump’s birtherism claims against President Obama was racist.

“I don’t think it was racist, but it was a big mistake,” Cortes responded.

“Has this president ever done anything that you think is racist?” Lemon then asked.

“Gosh no,” Cortes answered. “Absolutely not.”

After playing several clips of Trump critics claim were him being racist, Lemon questioned the assertion that Schlossberg was “crazy.”

“I encounter people like him all the time,” Lemon said. “These are everyday racists. These are everyday bigots. These are people you encounter all the time in life and every time it happens, you can’t just say ‘Oh my gosh, this person is crazy’ and they’re conflating them with people who have something wrong with them. They have something wrong with them is that they’re racists.”

Later on in the segment, Cortes shocked Lemon and the rest of the panel when he declared that Trump has “made life better” for minorities since taking office.  Activist Tim Wise blasted Cortes for implying that blacks and Hispanics are “delusional” for not believing that assertion. This led to an economic debate of who helped minorities more, Trump or Obama.

Watch the clips above, via CNN.

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