CNN Hails Trump’s 9/11 Memorial Speech: ‘Beautifully Written…Easily One of His Best’

CNN hailed President Donald Trump‘s speech Tuesday honoring the heroes and victims of 9/11.

During his remarks in Shanksville, PA, Trump described America’s resilience while praising the passengers of Flight 93 for thwarting the plane’s hijackers. After the speech, CNN host Poppy Harlow spoke to the network’s Senior Political Analyst David Gergen, and both seemed to agree that the president did a good job.

“Beautifully written, very thoughtful speech by the president. I think easily one of his best speeches,” said Gergen. “For a moment, Poppy, one could almost forget the chaos around us, the acrimony, the poison, and come together. You can only hope the president will navigate that course again, that he will understand that the kind of speech he gave today brings us back together, and helps in that regard. And that if he will take the and lead the way, maybe we can find our way to a better place as a nation.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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