CNN Outlines the MANY Reasons Why Trey Gowdy Joining Trump’s Legal Team is a Bad Idea


CNN’s New Day scoffed at the news that former Republican congressman Trey Gowdy might join President Donald Trump’s legal defense team.

The former Benghazi committee chairman-turned-Fox News contributor has reportedly been hired to serve as an outside legal counsel for Trump while the president remains under fire from the ongoing Ukraine scandal. After CNN mocked the news by replaying footage of Gowdy speaking passionately about Congress’ responsibility to conduct oversight on the president, former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart remarked that Gowdy “is a challenging choice” for replacing Rudy Giuliani on TV.

“Trey Gowdy ran the most aggressive oversight committee I think we’ve ever seen,” Lockhart said. “So I think it’s hard to see how Trey Gowdy helps them in this whole process debate given that he was so on the other side of this for so long.”

After Alisyn Camerota noted that Gowdy left Congress because he was tired of the “partisan racket” at the time, Paul Begala remarked that “there’s nothing more partisan than this…It’s a very political exercise.”

“How is he going to be able to answer any of this?” Begala asked. “How is he going to be able to get past his long record of congressional oversight, which I think was very excessive, but it was complied with. How does he get past that? How does he ever talk about what he wants to talk about for Trump?”

UPDATE: Fox News told Mediaite on Wednesday that Trey Gowdy has been terminated and is no longer a contributor at the network.

Watch above, via CNN.

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