CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Increased Mass Shootings: ‘The Rhetoric in This Country Has Changed, Okay?!’


Moments after President Donald Trump‘s comments from the White House reacting to this weekend’s mass shootings, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow and analyst Nia-Malika Henderson battled with conservative pundit David Urban on President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and whether it played a role in this weekend’s mass shootings.

During a tense segment on CNN Newsroom, Urban questioned what has changed in America to lead to so many mass shootings.

“Machine guns have been available, tommy guns,” Urban said. “What has changed in American culture that makes people do what they’re doing today? Weapons have been available for a very, very long time. Something has changed in society. Something has changed in American families. Something has changed in American culture.”

“Hasn’t something changed in the White House too?” Henderson asked. “We have a president now where you have a manifesto where someone’s calling out the president about his own speech about Latinos. That certainly is something has changed too. Do you see that as something that has changed as well?”

Urban asked Henderson why she didn’t take the El Paso shooter’s manifesto at face value.

“The shooter says in the manifesto, why don’t you take him at his own words?” Urban said. “He said the president has nothing to do with this.”

“But he’s also acknowledging that the president’s rhetoric as his!” Henderson replied.

Poppy Harlow, at that point, jumped in.

“Nia does make a point that one thing that has changed — a lot has changed — one thing that has changed is that the highest office in the land has seemed to make it okay to call people from other countries ‘invaders’ and has said that congresswomen should leave this country, okay? Minority congresswomen,” Harlow said.

Urban tried to interject, but Harlow cut him off.

“I’m not going to fight with you because I want all the voices in,” Harlow said. “I’m just stating a fact.”

“Yeah but Poppy, it’s an unfair jump to —”


“It’s an unfair jump to say that’s advocating violence.”

“It’s not an unfair jump to make what I said — that one thing that has changed, David Urban, one thing that has changed is the rhetoric in this country, okay?”

Urban responded by invoking the Congressional baseball shooter.

“When the gentleman shot up the Republican baseball team who was a fan of social media on the left, and television on the left, and politicians on the left, was there a human cry against those television personalities or those politicians that fueled the flames of that gentleman?” Urban said. “I’m just asking a question.”

“You said ‘What has changed?'” Harlow said. “I noted one thing that has changed.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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