CNN Panel on Trump, McCain Goes Way Off the Rails: ‘You’re So Petty’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke to Rick Santorum and Bakari Sellers on Monday night, though their panel discussion dissolved into a food fight as they argued over what the Donald TrumpJohn McCain dynamic means for the rest of the country.

It all started when Santorum accused the media of using McCain’s death as a “cudgel” to slam Trump for his constant disrespect of the senator, even with his passing. Cuomo pushed back on Santorum as he persisted with this argument, saying “he’s not a cudgel” and McCain made his position on Trump clear by saying he wouldn’t be welcomed at his funeral.

Sellers got in next, and he took several direct shots at Santorum while calling this another example of Trump defenders making endless excuses for his indecent conduct. When Santorum tried to dispute the idea that Trump tried to minimize McCain over the last few days, Sellers continued by saying its pointless to expect anything more of Trump, and that’s when the two started to clash as Santorum wrote off the critiques as “noise.”

Shortly after that, Santorum took a pot shot at Cuomo by invoking his brother, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who recently faced controversy by saying America “was never that great.” This caused another three-way sparing match when Sellers told Santorum “You’re so petty,” while the CNN host admonished the latter for lowering himself.

“He was wrong and he corrected it,” Cuomo said of his brother. “God forbid our president try that once, God forbid you try that once.”

From there, Cuomo hammered Santorum and asked him if he ever heard Trump apologize for any of his disrespectful conduct towards McCain. Sellers lamented that the dialogue about McCain took a bad turn, though Santorum jumped back in and said “that’s because we decided to politicize John McCain’s death.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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