CNN Panel Rips Trump’s July 4th Plans: Only Countries ‘Insecure of Their Power Need to Demonstrate Their Strength’


CNN’s New Day reported Wednesday morning that the Trump administration plans to underwrite part of the cost of a controversial July 4th celebration at the Lincoln Memorial by diverting budget funds from that National Parks Service. Anchor John Berman put it in his signature wry manner, saying, “They’re stealing from Smokey the Bear.” The following panel discussion, however, offered less humor and more criticism of President Donald Trump.

John Avlon first noted that the amount of money diverted from the Parks line item was a “bandaid” in comparison to the overall budget, but he then mocked Trump’s desired plans to feature military strength via military flyovers and parading of U.S. tanks on the Washington D.C. mall. He cited columnist Erma Bombeck who said: “isn’t it great where we celebrate our Independence not with a military strength of tanks but family picnics.”

Conservative contributor Sarah Isgur then called Trump’s reported invitation of only Republican figures to the VIP section of the event an “unforced error” when Trump is benefiting from other culture war skirmishes such as Nike pulling American flag shoes and the Commander in Cheif’s squabbles with the U.S. Women’s soccer team who just advanced to the World Cup finals.

The segment finished with former Press Secretary, under President Clinton, Joe Lockhart, who mocked Trump’s need to show military strength. ” America doesn’t need to put military parades on. Countries like Russia and France who are insecure of their power need to demonstrate their strength in a way where we don’t have to,” adding “People know we’re the strongest country militarily in the world.”

Lockhart then expressed self-described “outrage” over Trump’s “hi-jacking” the Fourth of July celebration for partisan purposes. “Saying if you don’t believe in him you don’t believe in America. It’s really wrong. And the fourth of July is the single worst day of the year to be making that argument.”

Watch above via CNN.

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