CNN Panel Slams SNL for Mocking Candidate Who Lost Eye in Combat: ‘Disgusting and Despicable’

On Sunday, a CNN panel slammed Saturday Night Live for an attempted joke mocking a Republican candidate who lost an eye to combat.

During the live show last night, SNL’s Pete Davidson said that David Crenshaw lost his eye  “in war, or whatever.”

In response, CNN Political Commentator Tara Setmayer said the remark was “100% tasteless.”

“This is exactly what Republicans have complained about,” Setmayer continued on. “Liberal Hollywood gives fuel to that fire. And that candidate should get an apology. I’m sorry. Oh, he lost his eye in war or whatever. My best friend’s husband was special forces and he almost died in a mission in Afghanistan. He’s blind now in both eyes. And he’s a hero. That is so disgusting and despicable to all of the wounded warriors in this country who have lost limbs, eyes, their lives. ”

She added: “You can’t complain about Donald Trump and his indecency and then think that’s not indecent.”

Former governor and CNN commentator Jennifer Granholm then chimed in, “What can you say? You should stay away from mocking in any way veterans. That’s just a bottom line.”

Watch above, via CNN

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