CNN Student Panel Gets Heated Over Gun Control Debate: ‘My Life is More Important Than a Gun!’


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota held a panel discussion with a group of students today in order to talk gun control in the wake of recent shooting violence in America. The panel had students on both sides of the issue, so naturally things got intense pretty quickly.

Tanzil Philip and Julia Bishop are both students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and they spoke about the March For Our Lives and how gun control will be a high-priority issue in future elections. Students like Parker Delmoe and Jacob Scott were more pro-gun and they pushed back on the idea of banning assault weapons in America.

Several of the panelists argued that guards at schools can only do so much to protect students, and the best way to prevent mass casualty events would be to ban public ownership of high-powered weapons. Scott responded that the political left is trying to take away the rights of gun owners, and that led to a sparring match as he argued that “guns are the solution, not the problem.”

When Philip reiterated his view that assault weapons should be banned but handguns are permissible, the conversation nearly derailed again with Bishop declaring “my life is more important than a gun that’s used to hunt!” Camerota tried to reign things in by asking about whether its a good idea to curtail the rights of lawful gun owners. Delmoe said he would agree with smarter and stronger enforcement of current gun laws, but Scott saw no room for compromise.

“The issue is the politicians on the left are trying to take away the gun rights one by one. It will start with assault rifles and then it will continue until they take every arm in America away from the people.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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