CNN’s Acosta Asks Birx, Fauci About Commentators Suggesting Death Toll Inflated: ‘There’s a Lot of Misinformation’ Out There


At the coronavirus task force briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked about commentators suggesting that the coronavirus death toll is being inflated:

“As you are both probably aware, there’s a lot of misinformation and conspiracy theories out there about the coronavirus. There are some commentators are suggesting that the number of dead are being inflated because they are saying that people who are dying with other issues are being listed as Covid-19 deaths… What do you say to those folks who are making the claim without really any evidence that these deaths are being padded, that the number of Covid-19 deaths are being padded. For example, someone who might die from a number of factors but had coronavirus are being listed as coronavirus deaths, and because of that, the numbers are being inflated.”

Dr. Deborah Birx started by saying they’ve heard the converse too, before explaining, “I think every time I’ve been up here about the comorbidities. Most of the people, and we have talked about the Italy data, the majority of the Italians who succumbed to this had three or more comorbidities. So this has been known from the beginning. So those individuals will have an underlying condition, but that underlying condition did not cause their acute death when it’s related to a covid infection. In fact, it’s the opposite. Having an underlying condition and getting this virus, we know it’s particularly damaging to those individuals.”

She reiterated for emphasis, “If you have asthma, if you have renal disease, if you have diabetes, if you have hypertension, these are pre-existing conditions that put you at a greater risk to having a worse outcome.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci took a moment to say the following:

“Having been through other serious issues, particularly the very painful early years of HIV/AIDS, when people talk about conspiracy theories, you’ll always have have conspiracy theories when you have very challenging public health crises. They are nothing but distractions. I can assure you we have so much to do to protect the health and the welfare of the American people that I would just hope we just put those conspiracy stuff and — let somebody write a book about it later on, but not now.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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