CNN’s Bakari Sellers Calls Out Police Over Rayshard Brooks Killing: ‘He Was Murdered, Period. Point Blank, Period’


CNN political analyst Bakari Sellers blasted the Atlanta police department for the killing of Rayshard Brooks over the past weekend, just weeks after the alleged murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police ignited a nationwide wave of protests over racial injustice and police misconduct.

Speaking with a clearly affected Wolf Blitzer during The Situation Room, Sellers pulled no punches in implicating the two officers involved, one of whom has already been fired, in the intentional death of Brooks, who was accosted by police for sleeping in his car in a Wendy’s parking lost, refused to take a sobriety test, then scuffled with the cops during an attempted arrest, and was ultimately shot in the back by one officer while running away.

Beginning the segment, Blitzer appeared to choke up and briefly lost his train of thought when introducing the conversation on the Brooks killing.  “Protests continuing in New York City right now, day 21, following the killing of…” Blitzer began but then trailed off and sighed heavily, before adding an exasperated “yeah.”

After a beat, Blitzer recovered. “It’s a sad, sad development that we’re watching right now,” he added, before noting that Brooks’ death has been ruled a homicide by the local medial examiner. “When you listen to the national conversation around the police killing of Rayshard Brooks, what does it say to you about this moment we’re all in right now?” he then asked Sellers.

“I mean, here we go again,” Sellers replied. “It’s another black man dead in the streets. This is as clear as you can get. He was murdered, period. Point blank period. I think the autopsy called it homicide. And I watch people bend over backwards and they’re going to bend over backwards after this segment on social media and say he shouldn’t have struggled with the police, he shouldn’t have been drinking while driving, he shouldn’t have run. He even fired the taser back at the police. Wolf, none of those are death penalty crimes. Here we are again. I just tell you how difficult this is because of George and now in Atlanta. You just think about these men who were fathers as we enter this Father’s Day weekend. And you have more children who are going to have to grow up without their fathers. So this isn’t just some poor conservative talking point or anything else. This is real life for many black folk in this country. And again, we’re here in this cycle and it’s another Monday and another tragedy.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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