CNN’s Kate Bolduan Rips Trump Over Franken Tweets: ‘Don’t Get to Pick and Choose’ When Harassment Matters

CNN’s Kate Bolduan said on Friday that President Donald Trump is a hypocrite and an opportunist for going after Sen. Al Franken because its politically convenient for him..

On Thursday night, Trump joined the fray surrounding the revelations about Franken’s sexually inappropriate actions back in 2006. As Bolduan covered this today, she brought up Trump’s history of sexual transgressions and accusations, and she asked if the country could “get real for a moment?”

From there, Bolduan proceeded to slam Trump, saying that he lost the right to comment on sexual misconduct by playing politics with the issue and glossing over his own faults.

“This is no longer a can-you-believe-the-president-said-that kind of a moment. This has officially become a the-president-doesn’t-get-to-do-this moment. He doesn’t get to question Al Franken and stay silent on Roy Moore and no one should allow it. It’s playing politics with a discussion that should rise above that. So no, Mr. President, join the full conversation going on around you, or you don’t get to be part of any of it. Is the concern over there really about being dragged into the topic of sexual harassment and assault once again? Too bad. That should have been considered when you responded to your accusers, and should have been considered before your campaign brought Bill Clinton’s accusers to one of the presidential debates. So, too bad. You don’t get to pick and choose when this issue matters and when it doesn’t. You don’t.”

As the show went on, Bolduan continued to say the issue of sexual harassment should be above politics, but “the White House doesn’t see it that way.”

Over at NBC, Megyn Kelly made similar observations earlier this morning when she wondered how Trump had the “gall” to attack Franken, given his history on this matter.

Watch above, via CNN.

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