CNN’s Catherine Rampell: Stephen Moore ‘Does Not Have the Skills to Be On the Fed’


Catherine Rampell is not just a syndicated columnist focused on economic issues, nor is she just a frequent contributor on CNN programming. She is also something of a professional nemesis to fellow CNN contributor Stephen Moore, who was recently nominated by President Donald Trump for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

Moore has seemingly forever been a frequent visage on cable news as the founder of the conservative tax reform organization Club for Growth. He is known for consistently arguing for lower taxes to spur the economy as a firm believer in the “Laffer curve,” despite the fact that tax cuts have consistently coincided with significant budget deficits.

So while Rampell believes that her ideological foe is a “nice guy” and has “no personal objections to him being, you know, being alive,” she firmly believes that “he does not have the skills to be on the Fed.”

“This is one of the most important economic position in the world and he can wreak a lot of damage to the Fed” she added, “because first of all, he doesn’t understand if prices are going up or down like if you’re setting in rates. And he chronically fabricates stuff in our debates on TV and I think would politicalize the fed.”

Economic debates between Rampell and Moore are like manna from heaven for Mediaite writers and editors, as the must-watch clips almost always feature both spirited conflict and remarkably deep information compared to standard cable news fare.  In Fall of September, Rampell notably owned Moore, calling out his shifting, and seemingly hypocritical, positions on issues that changed with presidential administrations.

Watch above via CNN.

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