CNN’s Dana Bash Critiques New ‘Bully Pulpit’ Trump on Health Care: ‘Where Has THIS Guy Been?’


President Donald Trump summoned Republican members of the Senate to a lunch meeting today in an attempt to convince them to vote on the GOP health care bill that appeared to be dead in the water earlier this week. Addressing reporters at the luncheon, Trump delivered forceful remarks in defense of the bill while not-so-subtly threatening one non-supportive senator and telling the Senate they needed to stay in Washington until they act on health care.

Following a clip of the president’s comments, CNN’s Dana Bash critiqued his performance, wondering aloud why Trump hadn’t used his position as POTUS to push hard on health care before.

“The only thing I can think as I was listening is ‘Where has this guy been?’ Where has he been?” Bash noted.

She continued, “This guy meaning the person who is the occupant of the White House, who ran on and won in large part — just like his counterparts in Congress — on repealing and replacing Obamacare, who hasn’t been this guy. This guy meaning using the bully pulpit in the way that the bully pulpit is supposed to be used if you’re the President of the United States.”

Bash went on to point out that while Trump addressed the substance of the bill and how it would impact the public, he also used his remarks to do a little “arm-twisting.” Also, she highlighted that the tact he took with the lawmakers was that they had all promised to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“Today, somebody got to him,” Bash concluded.

Prior to convening today’s lunch meeting, the president expressed varying opinions on how the GOP should proceed on health care. After the collapse of the health care bill, Trump stated that Republicans should pass a repeal only bill before flip-flopping hours later, saying that the best thing would be to let Obamacare fail.

Watch the clip, via CNN.

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