CNN’s Elie Honig: Andrew McCabe ‘Has a Serious Credibility Problem’ After Lying Three Times to FBI


CNN Legal Analyst Elie Honig poured some cold water on the current theories/conspiracies currently afloat in the political media world, reminding viewers of CNN’s New Day that the words coming from Andrew McCabe should be taken with a grain of salt.

McCabe is the shiny new object currently preoccupying the cable news world and his new tell-all/score-settling book Threat and for good reason. Details revealed in its pages — and by McCabe during his whirlwind promotional tour of what now seems like every television program imaginable (not on Fox News) has created a ton of legit headlines and renewed debate about the investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.

CNN’s New Day covered specifics of an interview McCabe provided Anderson Cooper that aired Tuesday evening, from which the former Deputy Director of the FBI refused to say if the Trump children were subject to investigation as well, which McCabe declined to answer.

When asked to opine on that non-answer answer, Honig offered “It kind of sounds like a yes,” before adding “The policy is not to comment on ongoing investigations but I think there was a little bit of a tell there in the way he answered that.”

After lauding McCabe’s tactics of creating separate investigations, Honig poured some cold water on the political media that are currently hot and bothered by McCabe news.

“Whenever we hear something from McCabe, we have to keep in mind he has a serious credibility problem,” Honig reminded his fellow panelists, adding “the Department of Justice found that he lacked candor, which is the polite way of saying he lied three times in three separate interviews about whether he was a leak or authorized leak on the Hillary Clinton case.”

When host Alisyn Camerota pushed back by adding that McCabe has said “he was authorized by the FBI to be the person who was the liaison to the press. You don’t buy that?”

Honig replied that the Inspector General investigating the FBI investigation didn’t buy it. He then noted that “Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, (Michael) Cohen, were all prosecuted making false statements to federal investigators. I don’t see why Mccabe’s case is really any different than those.”

Watch above via CNN.

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