CNN’s Erin Burnett: Republicans ‘Playing With Fire’ by Staying Silent About QAnon, Comments from Marjorie Taylor Greene


CNN’s Erin Burnett went off on the Republican party on Wednesday night for not being more outspoken to denounce conspiracy theories pushed by some members.

Burnett went on a tear against Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene over some stunning comments on social media unearthed in a new CNN report this week. Burnett specifically showed the video of Greene attempting to confront David Hogg after the Parkland shooting, and a comment she made on a post about hanging former President Barack Obama.

She brought up Greene’s “extensive track record in the land of conspiracy” and noted how Kevin McCarthy apparently is planning to have a conversation with Greene, but in the meantime is meeting with the former president.

Regarding Trump’s past praise of Greene, Burnett said, “The Republican party right now is the party of Trump, and Trump’s big lie about the election being stolen is a core tenet of QAnon. And for those Republicans who want to still hope that this is just going to go away, it isn’t. QAnon is not going anywhere. It’s coast to coast.”

And by not speaking out more on it, Burnett concluded, “They’re playing with fire.”

“This is the kind of thinking and talking that the Republican party is embracing by its silence and by putting people who say the election was stolen on committees.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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