comScore Joan Walsh Slams Marc Short for Anti-Religious Accusation

CNN’s Joan Walsh Goes Off on Ex-Trump Staffer Marc Short for Accusing Her of Being Anti-Religion: ‘How Dare You!’

CNN’s panel nearly derailed on Monday night when liberal commentator Joan Walsh and former White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short locked horns while discussing a series of remarks from Kellyanne Conway.

This morning, Conway blamed the “anti-religiosity” of late night comedians for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting over the weekend. When Jake Tapper asked his panel to react to Conway’s comments, Walsh said “how does she live with herself?” with this “dangerous deflection of responsibility” that’s “too stupid to be believed.”

Short got in next by swiping at Walsh and implying that she’s prejudiced against the religious.

“Just a few minutes ago, I was encouraging prayer,” Short said. “And Joan said she thought that was offensive to the atheists and agnostics of our country.”

“I do!” Walsh said.

“So I think we see the evidence to it on your show,” Short said, talking past Walsh. “It doesn’t have to be Bill Maher, it’s actually right here on your show.”

Walsh bristled at Short’s suggestion.

“Are you kidding?!” Walsh said.

“No,” Short responded, “I’m being quite factual with the comments you just gave.”

“My comments contribute to an anti-religious atmosphere?” Walsh asked. “How dare you! How dare you, Marc Short!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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