Joan Walsh: ‘Really Good Research’ Proves Trump Voters Motivated By ‘Fears Of Brown People’

It can’t be taxes. It can’t be health care. It can’t be the economy. It can’t be love of free markets, individual liberty and Constitutional rights.

So, what could be the motivating factor behind an individual who votes Republican and voted for Donald Trump?

MSNBC contributor and author of the book What’s the Matter with White People? Joan Walsh reminded us what the obvious answer is: “Fears of brown people.”

Walsh, the National Affairs correspondent for The Nation and an MSNBC political analyst, appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy this past weekend and claimed that some “really good research” had basically proven that most folks who voted for Donald Trump, including the ones who voted for Barack Obama twice, are essentially just horrible racists.

“The really good research that’s taken place since the election shows that fear of a changing America is the number one factor that you can see drive––really divides a white Trump voter from a white non-Trump voter, that it’s fears of brown people, fears of losing the majority,” Walsh said.

She then went on to basically say that even though there has been zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly support a full-blown investigation into the matter must not be a true patriot.

“But you know what’s also sad to me is that this cohort, I wrote about my Irish Catholic working class family, this cohort used to be so patriotic, and so much America—love it or leave it, things that I didn’t like about it, but that was just so stirred by this country’s—what they perceived as its values and much of the same cohort is with Donald Trump—dismissing the Russia allegations, doing nothing to support the people who are trying to get answers, and I find this kind of relative, this relativity about well, you know, if my guy doesn’t think it’s important or if my guy might even be threatened by it, then I don’t care either,” Walsh said. “That is not patriotism. That is something else entirely.”

Walsh did not mention how much sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia played a role in the election of Donald Trump. But when host Joy Reid inquired about how much the ‘browning of America” has had an effect on Americans who perceive changing demographics as a threat she replied, “It’s inescapable that that’s part of it.”

Folks on the left obviously speculate about the inherent racism among Republicans. And they make the claims based on gut feelings and shady “evidence” they create themselves as virtually no one tells pollsters that they are voting based on their racist tendencies.

But Joan Walsh made a pretty absurd claim when she said that “really good research” shows that “fear of changing America,” and “fears of brown people” is the “number one factor” for the Trump voter. She did not cite the “really good research.”

Watch above (the relevant remarks begin around the 9:00 mark), via MSNBC.

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