CNN’s John King: ‘Brett Kavanaugh Went Full Trump Today’


Speaking during a break in the Thursday proceedings, CNN’s John King said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh went “full Trump” during his heated, Democrat attacking testimony in front of Congress.

The comment came during a conversation about whether or not the handful of Republicans thought to be most on the fence may be swayed by Kavanaugh’s fiery testimony or if his Trumpian tactics would actually turn them off.

“And what makes the moment so fascinating is that the four Republicans we’re watching most closely, on the committee — Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse  —  then Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins,” King said, are inclined to vote for Kavanaugh because they think he’s part of the “pre-Trump Republican Party” and one of them.

He continued on: “Does their calculation change at all? Are they swayed by a Donald Trump nominee who became a Trump fighter today attacking the Democrats, the Clintons?” and saying things like, “‘You called me evil. You’ve destroyed my family.'”

King then said this, referring to the nominee adamant self-defense: “Brett Kavanaugh went full Trump today” before concluding, “So does Kavanaugh’s embrace of Trump help him with the four key senators or hurt him? That’s the question.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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