CNN’s John King on Ohio Special Election: Big Deal That This ‘Ruby Red’ District Is Too Close to Call

One of the most-watched election races tonight is the Ohio 12th district special election between Republican Troy Balderson and Danny O’Connor, and a lot of people have been watching closely as it’s too close to call.

As CNN’s John King was updating viewers on Cuomo Prime Time, O’Connor was leading Balderson by 155 votes. By the time the segment ended Balderson was back in the lead by 1031 votes.

King broke down the numbers tonight compared to elections in the past few cycles, and Chris Cuomon noted how the 12th is “GOP ruby red.”

King concluded with this:

“This district is ruby red Republican. The fact that it is so close is a big deal. If you look ahead to November––let me switch again for you––here’s what you’re looking at. We have 95 House races that we view as the most competitive going forward. 82 of them are held by Republicans. Republicans are on defense. If they’re worried about this district, ruby red here, guess what? No matter what happens in the next couple hours, every one of these other Republicans goes to bed tonight a little more nervous.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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