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CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson: Conservatives Attack Ocasio-Cortez Because She’s An ‘Eloquent’ ‘Latina’ Who Is ‘Charismatic’

CNN reporter Nia-Malika Henderson explained why conservatives focus so much on congressional freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Monday.

CNN played a clip of President Donald Trump supporters chanting “AOC SUCKS!” prior to asking why Ocasio-Cortez is a target among conservatives.

“Well she’s incredibly charismatic. She is in some ways a symbol of where the country is going in terms of demographics. She is, a young Latina woman who upset a Democrat in New York and she’s incredibly eloquent in terms of talking about Democratic Party values,” Henderson explained.

“And I think she’s probably right, this idea that she’s the new bogeywoman, the old bogeywoman obviously was Hillary Rodham Clinton. We remember those chants of, ‘lock her up, lock her up.’ They’ve moved on from that and found a new bogeywoman in — in AOC,” she continued. “But listen, I mean, she’s somebody who’s got a real following on the left and probably has a real future in the party even as the people in the Democratic Party who are a little nervous about the kind of platform she has, but I expect you’ll probably hear more of that at those Trump rallies.”

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted last week because she is the victim of the “directed + concerted far-right propaganda machine,” her national poll numbers have suffered.

A recently released Quinnipiac poll showed she is at a “negative 23 – 36 percent favorability rating, with 38 percent who haven’t heard enough about her to form an opinion.”

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