CNN’s S.E. Cupp Compares Brett Kavanaugh and Keith Ellison: ‘Very Obvious Double Standard in Outrage’


On her show Unfiltered on Saturday, host S.E. Cupp spoke with President of Women in Need and former Democratic politician from New York Christine Quinn, and Daily Beast conservative columnist Matt Lewis, both CNN contributors, about the difference in reaction to allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“Keith Ellison, Democratic Congressman from Minnesota, Deputy Chair of the DNC, running for Attorney General in Minnesota, has been accused by two women of domestic violence,” Cupp begins in the clip above. “Not only aren’t Democrats insisting that they be believed and he step aside, he easily won his democratic primary, but at least one of his accusers has said her own party, the democratic party, has smeared and isolated her.”

She then played a clip from the debate Friday night where Ellison said that he can’t predict what other accusations someone “might cook up” against him, and during which he questioned the motive and timing of the accusation, which is very different from, for example, Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono’s assertion this morning that women “need to be believed.”

After the clip, she prompted her two guests about the different standard, asking “how can democrats explain a very obvious double standard in outrage?”

Quinn answered first, saying “there needs to be one standard.”

“The issue of looking into allegations of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment need to be done apolitically,” she said. “And that’s really a standard we can’t ever veer off of.”

Lewis added that he thinks it’s not just Democrats who have a double standard on their reaction to the two stories, but also the media.

“You’ve just showed this, but it’s probably — look, let’s admit that a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is more newsworthy than an attorney general of Minnesota, but this is not a nobody,” he said. “This is a big deal and I would venture to say that the media is not really covering this. At least not the kind of coverage that it would get if he were a Republican”

“That you would think it would get and maybe should get,” added Cupp.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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