CNN’s Smerconish: Trump Ginning Up ‘SpyGate’ So Half the Country Won’t Believe Whatever Mueller Finds

CNN’s Michael Smerconish slammed President Trump‘s “SpyGate” narrative as part of a plan to inoculate himself from when Robert Mueller is finally done with his report.

Smerconish walked through the timeline of the “plot” alleged by the President and how the facts don’t exactly pan out in his favor.

For one, he asked, “if the aim were to undermine Donald Trump’s election, then why did all this remain a secret until after the election?”

He concluded that this is clearly part of an effort to discredit the special counsel’s investigation:

“To the President and his partisans, this is not about evidence. It’s about inoculation. The aim is to prepare the country for a scenario whereby special counsel Robert Mueller gives to Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein a report outlining a colorable case for obstruction of justice that would then go to the Congress for debate. If SpyGate is effectively sold, half the country will already be of a mindset that the Mueller report is the product of a flawed investigation, even though that’s unsupported in the facts.”

Smerconish’s comments this morning came before President Trump‘s latest “SpyGate” tweetstorm this afternoon, in which POTUS declared that the “whole Russia Probe is Rigged”:

Watch above, via CNN.

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