CNN’s Stelter Decries Assaults on Reporters Throughout George Floyd Protests: ‘Deeply Disturbing’


CNN’s Brian Stelter used his latest Reliable Sources monologue to condemn recent actions taken against reporters who’ve been covering the national social unrest over George Floyd’s death.

On Sunday, Stelter began his show by acknowledging the violence, property damage, and hostilities between police and protesters that have happened in tandem with peaceful demonstrations. He eventually moved to his main point that “there’s so much that’s so wrong” with how many reporters have been targeted and come under attack throughout the uproar.

“Police firing rubber bullets at reporters when the reporters are holding up press badges? That doesn’t belong in America,” Stelter said. “Authorities handcuffing reporters is wrong. That’s what happens in authoritarian regimes, not in America.”

Stelter went on by cycling numerous examples of how the police and protesters have both antagonized reporters in recent days. One example Stelter brought up was the local news team in Louisville that filmed themselves getting shot with pepper pellets from riot police, and another was Fox News’ Leland Vittert, who was harassed during his coverage by protesters who chanted “f*ck Fox News.”

“That is wrong,” Stelter emphasized. “Rioting destroying TV news vehicles and destroying cameras is wrong. Almost everybody knows this and it’s right to call it out and say that America is better than this. Reporters don’t want to be the story. They just want to tell the stories of the protestors and the police, and the residents of these communities that want to be able to feel safe.”

The show went on with Stelter listing off several more instances of “deplorable” and “completely inappropriate” actions taken against reporters.

“This is what’s happening to members of the media in cities across the country this weekend,” he concluded. “It feels like targeting. It feels like an escalation. It is deeply disturbing.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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