CNN’s Toobin Compares Trump’s Pandemic Lies to His Distortions, Attacks Against Mueller Probe: ‘Repetition is Not Truth’


On Sunday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin drew a parallel between Donald Trump’s “constant stream” of lies on the coronavirus pandemic, and how the president defended himself throughout Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Toobin joined Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources to promote his new book, and he was asked to elaborate on the connections he has seen while watching Trump defend himself from politically-damaging episodes. Toobin compared Trump’s lies on the health crisis with his “no collusion, no obstruction” claims throughout the investigations of Russia’s election interference and the president’s alleged obstruction of justice.

There was abundant evidence of obstruction of evidence, but the sheer repition of that mantra became factual to the people who supported him. In the pandemic, it has been a constant stream of similar lies from the president: ‘anyone can get a test whenever they want.’ ‘We’re doing great. We’re doing better than other countries.’ ‘The only reason the numbers are going up is because we’re doing more testing.’ All of these lies are consistent with how he dealt with the accusations throughout the Mueller investigation and especially during the impeachment proceeding…Repetition is not truth. But repetition is how Donald Trump deals with inconvenient facts.

The interview continued with Toobin explaining what people did wrong throughout the Mueller probe, how it will shape Trump’s legacy, and what historical connotations will there be from the 2020 election.

Watch above, via CNN.

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