CNN’s Toobin: ‘Why Does Fox News Make Fun of Me For Saying Abortion Will Be Illegal?’


On CNN, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Thursday wanted to know exactly what was wrong with his saying that abortion is going to be made illegal now that President Donald Trump has another Supreme Court pick.

In a discussion on the potential nominee for the Supreme Court, CNN’s New Day panel addressed, somewhat defensively, the assertion made by many yesterday — and in particular by Toobin — that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. After a few misfires, they play the clip of Donald Trump saying that judges he appoints will be “pro-life.”

Toobin responds to the clip by saying “Why does Fox News make fun of me? I’m just repeating what he’s saying.”

Toobin is apparently referring to a segment on the Ingraham Angle on Fox about “fear-mongering” over Trump’s pick. Host Laura Ingraham said the democrats have “already turned up the volume so hot on this” and that they were going to “gin up the base” by saying things like abortion will be illegal.

Ingraham played a clip of Toobin speaking on CNN yesterday. Here is what he said:

“Let’s talk facts. Let’s talk about what America’s going to be like that’s different,” he said in the clip. “You are going to see 20 states pass laws banning abortion outright. Row V. Wade is doomed. It’s gone, because Donald Trump won the election.”

Not exactly just “repeating what [Trump] is saying].”

In the CNN segment, after asking why Fox News was making fun of him, Toobin adds “there will be five of them, they will be pro-life.”

Host John Berman then says to Toobin that states will pass laws now knowing that Kennedy is gone. “Won’t they?” he asks.

“Of course. And they will do it this summer,” Toobin warns.

Watch the clips above, courtesy of CNN and Fox News.

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