Colbert Mocks Mike Lee: ‘You, Sir, are the Jar-Jar Binks of the Senate’


Sen. Mike Lee used images from Star Wars and Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur and firing a machine gun to pan the Green New Deal on the US Senate floor on Tuesday.

He also inexplicably claimed the real solution to climate change was to have more babies.

The senatorial prop comedy act proved irresistible to Stephen Colbert who panned Lee’s speech and pop culture visual aids.

“Trump is not the only Republican speaking out against the Green New Deal,” Colbert said. “So is Utah senator and driver’s ed teacher who’s about to become your stepdad, Mike Lee. Yesterday, during a debate on the Green New Deal, Lee offered a novel solution to global warming.”

He then showed a clip of Lee proposing babies as a global warming cure.

“I do like babies. I love babies. But Lee’s justification for his baby theory made much more sense… To no one,” Colbert continued on, before noting the point seemed to be “get it on” because the GOP  is “not doing jack.”

Colbert’s most scathing remarks, though, were saved for Lee’s insistence that the Green New Deal will lead to a future without air travel.

“In a future without air travel, how are we supposed to get around the vast expanses of, say, Alaska during the winter?” Lee says in the clip before suggesting, Tauntauns, the  Star Wars snow lizards from Hoth.

In response to Lee’s Tauntaun remark, Colbert quipped: “Senator Lee, you’re the most embarrassing part of a storied American institution. You, sir, are the Jar-Jar Binks of the Senate.”

Watch above,  via CBS

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