Colbert Mocks Trump’s Immigration ‘Softening’ With Every Anthony Weiner Joke Imaginable


As Donald Trump continues to face questions over his new stance on immigration issues, Stephen Colbert took him to task last night with a Tuesday night segment of “The Werd.”

Colbert went through Trump’s lagging numbers and seeming flip-flops over the past several days, but there was a bit of a recurring theme going on with the screen to the right of The Late Show host. As Colbert brought up the shrinking polls and the “softening” of Trump’s position, numerous snarky references were made about the GOP candidate’s manhood, or, the latest bit of bad news for Anthony Weiner.

The former congressman’s latest sexting scandal might have cost him Huma Abedin according to the recent news about their marriage, which Colbert made a prominent point of earlier this week. Colbert kept it going last night; amid the jokes about how Trump’s softening “happens to a lot of men his age,” he used every bit of innuendo he could to tie Trump and Weiners’ problems together, along with every possible dick joke in the book.

“For years, politicians have been so afraid of immigration reform that they wouldn’t take any position. Now, Donald Trump has taken two. And keep in mind that this is not flip-flopping. He’s not saying ‘up’ and then changing his mind to ‘down.’ His positions say firm ‘up-down.’”

Of course, jokes about the candidate’s manhood have kinda been mainstream for months, ever since… this happened.

Watch above, via CBS.

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