Colbert Preemptively Rips Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Kavanaugh: ‘No One Tell Me How Roe v. Wade Ends’

On Monday night, Stephen Colbert came prepared for President Donald Trump‘s primetime announcement of of his Supreme Court nominee.

Like every late-night show, The Late Show records in the early evening. And he made that clear to his audience at the start of the show.

“We taped this show a few hours before the announcement so no one tell me how Roe v. Wade ends,” Colbert quipped. “But using cutting-edge technology, I will now reveal Donald Trump’s pick. The president nominated…”

Colbert then put his hand over his mouth as a voiceover says “U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Brett Kavanaugh.”

“Man, wow!” Colbert said with complete over-the-top shock. “I did not expect him to nominate that guy, girl or fast food mascot.”

The Late Show host then mocked the president for this tweet he made ahead of the announcement.

“What do you mean you’ve ‘long heard?'” Colbert asked. “Are you still asking people what your job is?!?”

He took shots at Trump for reportedly seeking SCOTUS advice from Fox News host Sean Hannity over the weekend.

“It’s very common. President have always relied on the advice of TV personalities,” Colbert continued. “Reagan only supported the Contras after the weekend summit he had with Alf.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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