Colbert Presses Comey About Classified Document on Loretta Lynch: ‘That’s an Odd Poison Pill’


In the full uncut interview with former FBI Director James Comey, Stephen Colbert questioned him about a key detail from his book regarding former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Comey had repeatedly pointed to her calling the Clinton email investigation a “matter” and her tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton as to why he chose to have that infamous press conference during the 2016 election. However, in his memoir A Higher Loyalty, he mentions that there was “unverified material” that if it were made public, it would “cast serious doubt” of her independence as the top official at the DOJ.

The Late Show host spent a few minutes trying to get some answers.

“Can you not share what is on that document?” Colbert asked. “You’re saying there’s something about Lynch that doesn’t seem right in a document that you cannot tell us what it is. That’s an odd poison pill.”

Comey responded by saying he doesn’t “credit” what’s in that classified documents and that he didn’t believe Lynch “did anything improper.” He insisted that the release of those documents would cause “reasonable people” to question the legitimacy of the Clinton investigation. Comey added that President Obama “made it difficult” for the FBI by repeatedly saying there was no “there there.”

Colbert then asked Comey if there were others who knew about the document, but the former FBI director refrained from dropping names.

“The reason I want to ask is because without knowing what’s in that document, it feels like a “you can’t blame me” card that we don’t get to see,” Colbert told Comey.

Comey replied by saying he “had to” put it in his book because it was a factor in his decision in closing the Clinton investigation and he “went as far” as the FBI would let him go.

Watch the clip above, via CBS (start around the 17-minute mark).

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