loretta lynch

GOP Rep. Calls For Imprisonment of Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Loretta Lynch: ‘Lock Them Up!’

Colbert Presses Comey About Classified Document on Loretta Lynch: ‘That’s an Odd Poison Pill’

Comey Defends FBI’s ‘Competent’ and ‘Independent’ Handling of Clinton Email Probe: ‘I Would Bet My Life on It’

Loretta Lynch Fires Back at Comey: He ‘Never’ Questioned Handling of Clinton Email Investigation

James Comey Describes Awkward Hug With Loretta Lynch: ‘Her Face Went Into My Solar Plexus’

Lester Holt Grills Loretta Lynch on Handling of Clinton Email ‘Matter’: ‘What Did You Mean?’

Jake Tapper: If Clinton-Lynch Meeting Was Bad, What About Trump Asking McCabe Who He Voted For?

Texts From FBI Agents Suggest AG Lynch Knew ‘No Charges Will Be Brought’ in Clinton Probe

Judy Woodruff Asks Clinton Whether Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting with Bill Was ‘Costly Mistake’

Chris Cuomo and Rep. Jim Jordan Tangle Over Russia Investigation

‘But It’s So Juicy!’ Jesse Watters Pushes a Bit of ‘Fake News,’ Gets Mocked By The Five Co-Hosts

Judge Napolitano: Comey Laid Out Case Against Loretta Lynch For ‘Misconduct In Office’

Feinstein: I’d Have Felt ‘Queasy’ Too About Lynch Wanting to Call Clinton Investigation a ‘Matter’

‘That Gave A Me Queasy Feeling’: Comey Uncomfortable With Lynch Directive To Call Hillary E-Mail Probe A ‘Matter’

James Comey Admits on Hillary E-Mail Probe: Bill Clinton/Lynch Meeting Influenced Me

Charles Krauthammer: ‘Looks Pretty Improper’ That Trump Asked Comey About Investigation

James Comey Goes Off: Loretta Lynch’s Meeting with Bill Clinton ‘Was the Capper for Me’

‘Courageous Leadership’: Loretta Lynch Releases Statement Praising Sally Yates

Report: Loretta Lynch Made Call Not to Order Comey to Withhold Clinton Letter

Loretta Lynch Responds to Podesta Slamming FBI: We’ve Been Taking Hack Investigation Seriously

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