Columnist Salena Zito Responds to Allegations of Fabrication on Face the Nation


Salena Zito, who writes about real America for the New York Post and elsewhere and contributes to CNN, appeared on Face the Nation Sunday to respond to allegations that she makes people up and mischaracterizes her sources.

Zito’s work has long been a subject of ridicule, but its integrity was called into question by Twitter users last week — and then on website Contemptor — chiefly for her apparent tendency to profile “lifelong Democrats”, who are actually elected Republican officials.

Margaret Brennan asked Zito to respond to “criticism of her journalism” on Face the Nation, citing a HuffPost story by Ashley Feinberg that laid out the allegations against her and pretty thoroughly dismissed Zito’s ensuing attempts to explain.

“It all started with a series of tweets from an anonymous troll,” Zito said, referring to one of the Twitter users questioning her reporting. “And as the internet goes, it just expands.”

Zito said that she addressed “each issue that this anonymous person did.”

“My editors have reviewed everything,” she said, “all the news organizations I work for, and they stand behind my work, and so do I.”

Her explanations aside, there’s one question we may never get an answer to: why she keeps overhearing political conversations in gas stations that serve as perfectly crafted confirmations of her worldview:

Watch above, via CBS News.

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