CBS News

Nancy Pelosi Says Mueller Probe in Peril: Whitaker’s Appointment ‘Does Violence to The Constitution’

Lindsey Graham Pushes Back on Trump Threatening to Revoke California’s Funding: ‘Now is Not the Time’

Kirsten Gillibrand Kicks Off Media Blitz on Colbert: I’m Giving 2020 Bid a ‘Long, Hard Thought’

CBS News’ Major Garrett Expresses Solidarity With Jim Acosta: WH Reporters Must ‘Lock Arms’

Men Confront Priest They Say Molested Them As Children, Caught on CBS News Hidden Camera

Trump’s 60 Minutes Ratings Absolutely Tank From Last Interview

60 Minutes Staff Decided to Snub Ousted Boss Jeff Fager at Emmys After Internal Debate

Flake and Coons Say Kavanaugh Was Too ‘Partisan’ in Testimony: ‘Belligerent, Aggressive, Angry’

Kellyanne Questions Kavanaugh’s ‘So-Called Accuser’: Feels Like ‘Vast Left Wing Conspiracy’

New Report Reveals Stunning Details on Moonves Ouster: Allegedly Tried to Keep Woman from Going Public

CBS News Airs Disturbing Jeff Fager Text: ‘Be Careful,’ People Have ‘Lost Their Jobs Trying to Harm Me’

Jeff Fager: I Was Fired for ‘Harsh’ Text to CBS Reporter ‘Demanding That She Be Fair in Covering’ Me

Bob Woodward Speaks Out on Trump in First Interview: ‘Let’s Hope to God We Don’t Have a Crisis’

Columnist Salena Zito Responds to Allegations of Fabrication on Face the Nation

CBS News Changes Headline for Report on Beto O’Rourke Defending Protesting NFL Players After Criticism

Omarosa Shares Tape of Trump Staffers Discussing N-Word Tape: ‘He Said It’

60 Minutes’ Jeff Fager Suddenly Extends Vacation as Investigation Into Misconduct Allegations Wraps Up

Six Women Accuse CBS’ Les Moonves of Sexual Harassment in Bombshell New Report

Gayle King at Southern Border: the Statue of Liberty is ‘Weeping Right Now’

CBS News Basically Broke a Non-Story on Sarah Sanders. But Why?

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