Face the Nation

Face the Nation’s Margaret Brennan Reveals Lindsey Graham is Not a Fan of Bono’s Music

Ralph Northam Tells CBS He’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’: VA ‘Needs Someone That Can Heal’

Trump Questioned on Criticism of Obama’s Middle East Policy: ‘You’re Telegraphing Retreat’

Margaret Brennan Busts Trump After He Trashes Bush Admin: Do You Trust John Bolton?

Mick Mulvaney Accidentally Claims Ownership of Next Shutdown For Trump

Mike Pence Tries to Sell Trump’s Border Wall Demand with Martin Luther King Quote

Pompeo Refuses To Say If He Knew About FBI Investigation of Trump As Russian Agent

Lindsey Graham Flips the Flip Out Over Pelosi’s Offer of ‘One Dollar’ For Border Wall

Stephen Miller Claims Trump Has Stemmed ‘Tide of Illegal Immigration’ in Spittle-Flecked Interview

Nancy Pelosi Says Mueller Probe in Peril: Whitaker’s Appointment ‘Does Violence to The Constitution’

Lindsey Graham Pushes Back on Trump Threatening to Revoke California’s Funding: ‘Now is Not the Time’

Paul Ryan Blames Media for Intense Focus on Division: Bipartisanship ‘Doesn’t Sell’ Ratings and Clicks

Mitch McConnell Gets Heated with CBS’s Dickerson Over Merrick Garland: ‘You’re Not Listening to Me, John’

Rep. Eshoo Cites ‘Different Remembrances’ But Says Christine Blasey Ford ‘Not Confused or Mixed Up’

Trey Gowdy on Whether FBI Should Investigate Before Ford and Kavanaugh Testify: ‘Investigate What?’

VP Mike Pence Asked if He’s Considered 25th Amendment to Remove Trump

Columnist Salena Zito Responds to Allegations of Fabrication on Face the Nation

GOP Senator Grilled on Lone Support for Anti-Lynching Bill: Why Are You the Only Republican Signing This?

John Kerry Shocked Over Trump’s Helsinki Remarks: ‘I Don’t Buy His Walk Back for One Second’

Houston Police Chief Urges Gun Control Advocates to ‘Start Using the Ballot Box’

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