Face the Nation

Face the Nation Corrects Tweet Saying Chris Christie Confirms Trump’s Not Under Investigation

Bob Schieffer: 1 in 5 Reporters Now Live in NY, DC or LA

GOP Sen. Tim Scott: Trump’s Ability to Lead in Peril If His ‘Moral Authority Remains Compromised’

Scaramucci: If White House Comms Staff Keeps Leaking ‘I’m Going to Fire Everybody’

McCain Snarks That Putin Can Assist on Cyber Security ‘Since He’s Doing the Hacking’

Jay Sekulow on Existence of ‘Tapes’: ‘The President Is Going to Address That in the Week Ahead’

Check Out James Mattis’ Remarkable Response When Asked What Keeps Him Awake at Night

GOP Senator Comments on Trump/Comey: ‘I’m Not Sure How This President Makes Lot of Decisions’

‘Could’ve Been China’: Trump Suggests Russia Might Not Be Behind Election Hacking

Trump Evades Tax Return Question: ‘I’ll Make a Decision’ After ‘Routine Audit’ Is Complete

‘I Love Your Show…I Call it Deface the Nation’: Trump Trolls John Dickerson to His Face

‘What the Hell?’: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Trump Comparing Ratings to 9/11

‘I Don’t Know How to Stop That’: Homeland Security Chief on ‘Homegrown Terrorists’

Real Talk From Nikki Haley: ‘We’re All Aware that Russia was Involved in the Election’

Ted Cruz Declines to Answer Whether People Can ‘Trust This President’

GOP Senator on Trump’s Wiretap Claims: It Would Be Helpful if ‘He Just Didn’t Comment Further’

‘That’s Not Acceptable’: John Kasich on Republicans Who Want to Completely ‘Get Rid’ of Obamacare

CBS’s John Dickerson: Donald Trump Didn’t Ruin the Press’s Reputation, We Did That Ourselves

Christie on Trump’s Putin Comments: He Believes ‘Leaders of Countries Deserve to Get Respect’

Mike Pence Won’t Say America is Morally Superior to Russia

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