Conservative Commentator Bashes Russia Investigation as ‘Deep State Dinner Theater’


Canadian commentator Mark Steyn bashed Georgia congressional candidate Jon Ossoff as well as the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning.

Ainsley Earhardt kicked off the segment by asking the writer (in 2006 he penned the doomsday pamphlet “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It”) why Jon Ossoff lost Tuesday night’s election in Georgia’s 6th district to his Republican opponent Karen Handel.

For Steyn, the answer is Russia: “Well, I think the basic reason is that everybody understands what the Democrats have been doing for the last six months doesn’t meet the fairness test.”

“The guy won the election fair and square, and to make him a Russian agent, to make him a candidate for impeachment, to put him under investigation for obstruction of justice — from day one or in fact, from November 9th — it just hasn’t been fair,” Steyn declared.

“First was hey, tax returns, next was Russian collusion” host Brian Kilmeade added.

“And it’s all nonsense,” Steyn said. “Everybody knows that Russia is just deep state dinner theater that absolutely means nothing to anyone with a life.”

“It’s an invention,” Steve Doocy said.

Steyn continued, arguing that the Russia investigation is “not even good theater, it’s not at the Broadway level,” instead claiming “it’s like some lame-o pilot.”

That’s when Earhardt, who apparently had not been following the conversation’s turn to the Russia investigation, asked incredulously “how about the fact that they put a guy up that doesn’t even live in the district!”

Steyn then called Ossoff “almost like a parody,” with Kilmeade claiming the candidate “stole the cadence of President Obama.”

The panel continued discussing the failure of Ossoff’s campaign, with Steyn arguing that Democrat’s embrace of celebrities has hobbled them in elections — perhaps thanks to a brief spell of amnesia of the fact that Donald Trump ascended to the presidency after years as a reality TV star.

“The idea that Samuel L. Jackson should determine your politics is as stupid as putting Chuck Schumer in an action movie,” Steyn concluded.

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