Cori Bush Rips McCarthy’s ‘Shameful’ Joke About Hitting Pelosi With Gavel: ‘Ludicrous That This Is Somebody That Is High in Political Office’


On Monday night CNN’s Kate Bolduan interviewed Rep. Cori Bush, who slept on the steps of the Capitol on Sunday night to bring attention to the expiration of the nationwide eviction moratorium. As part of the effort, Bush she met with Vice President Kamala Harris because “I wanted her to see my eyes and to look down into my soul if she could see it because I don’t want my people, I do not want the people of St. Louis ending up on the street because of policy choices, because of failed leadership.”

Bolduan switched gears and brought up a joke made by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy at a fundraiser about striking Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the House gavel. He was presented with an oversized gavel and was confident that Republicans will retake the House in the 2022 midterms. If that happens, McCarthy will likely be elected Speaker. Typically, the outgoing Speaker presents the incoming one with the gavel on the rostrum.

“It will be hard not to hit her with it but I will bang it down,” joked McCarthy.

Bush ripped into McCarthy, saying, “It’s not a joke. We don’t joke about violence to any person, you know? It’s not a joke. It’s that mentality that allowed for people to scale the walls right here on January 6th when I was inside this building.”

She added, “I don’t care if you don’t like her or not. You need to respect her office the same way you expect people to respect yours. It’s absolutely ludicrous that this is somebody that is high in political office. It’s shameful.”

As she ended the interview, Bolduan said, “Rioters were literally just in the Capitol trying to hunt Nancy Pelosi down on January 6th and Kevin McCarthy knows that. He was there. Can he not come up with a better joke to make the pitch to be the next Speaker of the House?”

Watch above via CNN.

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