Dan Abrams Rips OJ Simpson Friend for ‘Disrespectful’ Claim Murder Case was Fraudulent


Mediaite founder and ABC legal analyst went after a friend of OJ Simpson who called it a “great American delusion” to believe that The Juice was responsible for the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown.

Abrams was on ABC Special Report today in order to react to Simpson’s hearing on whether he’d be granted parole for his 2008 armed robbery conviction. Abrams said Simpson was likely to be granted parole from a legal perspective, but he felt that Simpson made his case harder on himself by re-litigating his troubled history, shifting blame, and having other bizarre moments throughout the hearing.

As Abrams discussed the $33 million Simpson still has to pay to Goldman’s family in punitive damages, George Stephanopoulos took a call from Simpson friend, Dr. Henry Johnson, to get his perspective. Johnson said the former football player is “upright individual” who was been “persecuted” ever since the 1994 Goldman-Brown murders.

When Stephanopoulos brought up the civil judgment against Simpson in 1997, Johnson said “if Ron and Nicole could be here today, they would tell you that you got the wrong guy.” Johnson alleged that the jury was shown “fake, fraudulent phone records” during the civil case, which supported the prosecution’s case against Simpson.

“You would have to be an utter, absolute fool to assume that one guy could kill two people with a knife when nobody heard anything,” Johnson determined. Abrams responded by noting how noting how much more evidence against Simpson came up during his civil case compared to the criminal trial.

“The reality is that OJ Simpson was a free man and the reality is that a civil jury still believed he was responsible for the killing of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman…I think it’s disrespectful to their memories to have comments like this being made, suggesting that the case was all a fraud.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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