Democratic Congressman Makes Call to ‘Revoke’ Trump, Suggests Manafort Case Could Prove Trump Collusion


On Friday, Democratic Congressman Marc Veasey (TX) said he wished President Donald Trump could be “revoked.”

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Veasey started off by saying that he did not agree with Trump’s decision to revoke former CIA director John Brennan‘s security clearance.

“I think that the president was obviously wrong in him revoking Brennan’s security clearance,” Veasey said. “I just think that it’s, you know, a distraction, obviously.”

Talk then turned to a letter, signed by more than a dozen senior intelligence officials, supporting Brennan and calling Trump’s decision to strip him of his security clearance, “deeply regrettable.”

“What does it tell you that all these former intelligence and national security officials have signed on to this letter condemning the president’s action,” Acosta asked. “The president likes to say he’s being attacked by Democrats. There are Republicans and Democrats from the intelligence committee who have signed on to this. What does that say to you?”

Veasey responded by saying that he wished he could “revoke the president.”

“It’s clear that he was wrong, that he doesn’t have the temperament to be president of the United States and I wish we could revoke the president and the rest of his term,” Veasey remarked, before adding, “Obviously it’s too premature for that right now, but I hope that in 2020, when we have another election that the American public just gets sick and tired of this, and that we’re ready to move on.”

Finally, after Acosta asked about the Manafort case and “what do you think the verdict will say about the Russia investigation when it comes down?” the Congressman suggested the Manafort case could ultimately prove Russian collusion.

“I know that when I was in the Ukraine a couple of years ago, we were told that there were Russian agents that were crawling all over the place and that we needed to be very careful as we moved around the country and I think getting to the bottom of who he communicated with while he was in the Ukraine, and if there is a conviction, I think it will just be, again, just more smoke, and a lot of evidence that the president and his team, his campaign team colluded with the Russians on the 2016 campaign, in my opinion, based on what I have been seeing and reading in the news and the things I am hearing up here on Capitol Hill, there’s no doubt in my mind that that’s happened,” the Congressman said.

Manafort has been charged with 18 counts of bank and tax fraud. The case pertains solely to Manafort’s finances. Contrary to Acosta’s question and the congressman’s claims, there is nothing in the case that deals with potential collusion between Trump and Russia.

He concluded: “I think for the American public, we need to obviously wait for Mueller to complete his investigation. But I think that one of the reasons why the president is trying to say that Jeff Sessions needs to fire the assistant attorney general, that he needs to end this investigation, I think it’s clear that he knows that something illegal took place in 2016.”

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