Diamond and Silk Appear on Fox & Friends After Wild Hearing: ‘We’ve Never Been Paid by the Trump Campaign’


Diamond and Silk appeared on Fox & Friends Friday, the morning after the two pro-Trump vloggers testified under oath before a Congress and denied they had ever been paid by the Trump campaign.

The duo, real names Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, were challenged by House members on their denials, as FEC campaign filings showed they did receive money from the campaign. As Philip Bump of the Washington Post reported, the situation is complicated.

Appearing on Fox & Friends, Diamond and Silk declared: “We’ve never been paid by the Trump campaign.”

They explained they had been reimbursed for flights to a campaign event in Ohio during the 2016 election, despite the FEC filing listing the payments as “consulting.”

The duo then called on the “fake news” to “retract all of their lies.”

Diamond and Silk appeared before the House committee to raise their claims that Facebook censored their account because of their conservative views, a claim Facebook denies.

The pair then embarked on a rant thanking the “white Republicans” in Congress and declaring their escape from the “Democrat plantation”:

“We are very thankful to the white Republicans that allowed us a seat at the table to speak our truth about what’s going on, unlike the black men. And the reason why I say that is because we have been on the Democrat plantation. We know what it’s like over there. They are the ones that condition black people’s minds to make us think that white Republicans don’t want us to work, don’t want us to have any money in our pocket, but it was a black man that was concerned about how much money Diamond and Silk was making and was appalled about us making money legally.”

When hailing the “white Republicans” who heard them out, Diamond and Silk could be referring to Rep. Steve King, an ethno-nationalist who somehow still serves in Congress, and entered Gateway Pundit blog posts into the official record during the hearing.

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