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Don Lemon: Both Trump and Roseanne Are Trafficking in Racism

CNN’s Don Lemon tonight went off on both Roseanne Barr and President Trump over the racist comments from the former.

Barr is a big Trump supporter who got a presidential shoutout for her show revival’s big premiere ratings, but today ABC cancelled the new Roseanne over the racist insult she tweeted out at former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett.

On CNN’s Outfront tonight, Lemon said there’s a bigger issue here about people who face “everyday racism” in America, saying they are certainly part of the “forgotten men and women” too.

As far as Trump’s concerned, Nischelle Turner noted the President’s embrace of Roseanne and said, “It’s hard not to liken those two.” She noted they formed a pretty friendly alliance and Trump talked about her ratings success as a victory for the people who support him and his agenda.

Lemon then said this:

“This is, again, the normalization of conspiracy theories and racism, and we cannot allow that to happen. It will hurt––it is hurting the fabric of American society. People who are racist don’t know they’re racist or they say they believe that––people are gonna believe they’re not racist simply because they say it is. I think we need a crash course in exactly what racism is, and again, this President is trafficking in it, just as Roseanne did.”

Trump may or may not reference Barr during his rally tonight. Lemon said it would certainly speak volumes if he avoided the controversy tonight.

Watch above, via CNN.

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