Don Lemon Jokes About Trump’s Supposed Nickname For Him: ‘Sour Lemon’

On Thursday night, CNN host Don Lemon appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and talked about his show and one particular viewer who just so happens to live in the White House.

After admitting he sometimes forgets the names of guests who appear on his show, Lemon told Seth Meyers that he gives a “point of view” and that “we can be fair, we can be openminded, but we don’t have to be stupid.”

Meyers asked Lemon how he handles Trump surrogates who may express something when the cameras are rolling and say something else when the cameras are off. Lemon responded by saying he “confronts it head on” and often uses their positions and views before Donald Trump became the Republican nominee and the president in order to “see the absurdity.” He also asked the CNN anchor if anyone from Trump’s inner circle have told him that the president supposedly watches his show every night.

“Every time someone comes on if they happen to work in Washington or at the White House or near the White House, they’ll tell me the president watches you every night,” Lemon responded. “If they’re a surrogate and they go to the White House for some sort of meeting, they’ll come back and say, ‘You know the president watches you every night.'”

Lemon then refereed to a Happy Birthday tweet from Anthony Scaramucci, who said that “some” call him “Sour Lemon.”

“Guess who came up with that nickname?” Lemon laughed. “I wonder who…”

“That’s a really, really good nickname, so…” Meyers sarcastically responded. “He’s not a second-thought nickname guy.”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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