Don Lemon Presses Avenatti On Threats to The Daily Caller: Isn’t Your Behavior Similar to Michael Cohen’s?


Michael Avenatti was on the defense Monday night after a threatening email he wrote to a Daily Caller reporter was shared on Twitter.

After an unflattering report about his past was published, Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer reached out to the author of article Peter Hasson and warned him that he would sue him and others for defamation.

Avenatti also tweeted the following prior to that email being leaked:

When asked by CNN host Don Lemon who exactly was “pushing” him, Avenatti responded by saying that “engaging in character assassination attempts” at him or his client is “not appropriate” and referred to reports like The Daily Caller‘s as “diversions” that bring up “nonsense.”

“That has no place in any of this whatsoever,” Avenatti said. “You don’t hear me making personal attacks on the President of the United States on issues unrelated to this. You don’t hear me making personal attacks about Michael Cohen relating to other aspects of his life that don’t have anything to do with this.”

Lemon then read aloud what Avenatti wrote in the email to Hasson and asked, “What’s that about?”

“All attorneys are not ethical.  All because you’re an attorney, doesn’t mean you’re ethical and you do what you’re supposed to do. All journalists are not ethical just because you’re a journalist. There’s good journalists and there’s bad journalists. There’s ethical journalists and unethical journalists,” Avenatti responded. “And do you know what, Don? If we encounter journalists that don’t get their facts straight by design, don’t follow  basic standards of journalism, purposefully skew stories to fit their own political dialogue and what they want their message to be, we’re going to continue to call them out on that.”

“But also, People criticize — and I think you guys did,  Michael Cohen for threatening a reporter or threatening someone,” Lemon told Avenatti. “Do you think that behavior is similar? That you’re threatening a reporter?”

“No,” Avenatti answered. “I think you’re talking apples and oranges.”

“Why? Why is that?” Lemon asked.

“My e-mail is no different than a cease and desist or a traction type e-mail or letter that is received by numerous media organizations on a consistent basis,” Avenatti elaborated, “and there is nothing wrong with that.”

“Why did you put ‘off the record?'” Lemon shot back.

“The reason why I put ‘off the record’ was because I concerned that they were actually going to print it and I don’t think it has anything to do with the underlying case or the underlying facts or evidence of the case. That’s why and there’s nothing unusual about that,” Avenatti continued. “But let me say this and that is- there’s nothing wrong with that e-mail I sent, and it is far different- if you look at the level of communication and the dialogue, the words that are chosen, It’s far different that what we’ve seen from Michael Cohen threatening people’s families, threatening physical harm on them. You can’t compare what I sent to that.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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