Don Lemon: White House Staff Supporting Trump ‘Complicit in Their Racism as Well’

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CNN primetime host Don Lemon made a rare early appearance on New Day this morning to discuss President Donald Trump‘s inflammatory comments yesterday in which he doubled down on blaming “both sides” for the deadly white supremacy protest in Charlottesville this weekend.

Lemon has been among Trump’s harshest critics — especially on race — and did not demur today in his assessment. He opened by proclaiming that Trump has “traded on racial animus and racial bs and been doing it for decades” before asking if “we’re going to pretend we’re surprised” by what many critics (on many political stripes) have seen as distasteful at best. 

But Lemon asked a question that is now on many people’s minds, saying “How can anyone defend what the president said yesterday,” describing his comments as both disgusting and un-American.” He then finished with “anyone who is in that White House and who is supporting him is complicit in their racism as well.” Looking at you Gary Cohn, Jared Kushner, Generals Kelly, McMaster and Mattis, etc.

More words will be written about the current divided state of American politics and race relations, but in my humble opinion, Lemon is asking the right question. At what point do White House staffers become enablers of a President who defends Nazis as “innocent protestors” and blames those who protested against them for not having a permit?

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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